Mission Statement

The Credit Roundtable believes that enhancing bondholder protections benefits issuers, underwriters and investors alike by laying the foundation for a fair and efficient corporate bond market. Through education, outreach and advocacy, the group maintains a constant vigilance against slippage in covenant language and terms of corporate actions, and it does so with the oversight of antitrust counsel.

The Credit Roundtable was formed in 2007 in association with the Fixed Income Forum to respond to a number of corporate actions that were adverse to bondholders. The result of these initial efforts is a document that is now widely known as the Covenant Whitepaper. This is a living document that sets forth model covenant provisions which may be tailored to the circumstances of particular issuers and particular market conditions. In the past decade, the Credit Roundtable has grown to 39 members with more than $4 trillion of fixed income assets under management.

The Credit Roundtables regularly organizes bondholder groups and special task forces to support its major initiatives around:

  • Bondholder Covenant Protections 
  • New Issue Underwriting and Distribution 
  • Tender/Exchange and Consent 
  • Transparency and Market Liquidity